Stage: Completed Script

Pitch Deck: Available Upon Request

Budget: UNION & NON-UNION Versions Available Upon Request

Logline: A secret service agent must turn to his estranged father, a pastor, for help investigating a religious cult, in the process they learn that forgiveness is a measure of love.

Synopsis: Secret Service Agent David Hawkins, aka “Hawk” is at the top of his game in his career, at the expense of his family. An attempt on the President of the United States’ life launches an international investigation, led by Hawk. This time, Hawk is out of league as the evil genius of the illuminati teamed with a religious cult unleash a plan to take over the world. Hawk’s best resource is his estranged father, retired pastor and theologian, Andrew Hawkins. Will the two work through their irreconcilable differences and save the world?