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Pastor, Husband & Father

Fast forward to 1994 after working as an actor, writer and director, “Mark D” crashed and burned-out on drugs, alcohol and loose living. Enter the love of his life, Jesus Christ. Jesus paid it all and Mark gave it all up to Him. Over the next year Mark gave most of his time and energy to changing, growing and conforming to the image of Jesus Christ.

Mark answered God’s call to be a pastor and Kimberly moved their three young children to Virginia in 2004 and launched, Impact Christian Center (Later renamed Impact Christian Church). Many lives have been changed for the glory of God and the betterment of families, individuals, and communities in the United States and abroad in Haiti.

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Ministry School Founder

In 2014 the Spirit of God challenged, Pastor Mark David Kennerly to create a course to help followers of Jesus Christ build a foundation in the Word of God. Mark David was obedient and Perfecting the Saints for the Work of Ministry, aka Perfecting School, was launched in 2015. Perfecting School has since graduated five classes, the sixth is coming, and ordained dozens of servants of the Lord. 

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From 1996 Mark David had not thought about entertainment, but in January of 2004, before receiving the final word from God about his calling to serve as a pastor, Mark developed the business plan for 1922 productions. Original called 1921 Production based on 1 Corinthians 9:21 but was made into an LLC in 2018.


In 2014 the Lord released Mark to dream creative dreams again and utilize the gifts and talents He bestowed upon him imagine, but this time also receive fresh manna and instructions from heaven. Together Mark David and Kimberly, this dynamic duo, executive produced their first short film, Conquering Fear in 2018 and their first feature film …if My People… to be released in 2022. Kim joined the ranks of the entertainment industry in 2021 and is a growing and thriving Talent and Literary Agent with BH Talent. Their senior pastoral assignment is over, and they now serve as overseers of Impact Christian Church, having turned over the reigns to an anointed and appoint team that trained and developed under their leadership. The Kennerly’s relocated to Georgia in 2021 and continue create and develop faith based and family friendly film, tv and multimedia and equip the Saints via this online school, Perfecting the Saints for the Work of Ministry, aka Perfecting School.

Brother Melton in ...if My People...


Mark attended and all boys (except for two brave girls) Alfred E. Smith High School in The Bronx, he thought he’d signed up for a new class that was announced at the close of 9th Grade entitled, Grammar 101. Turns out that on the first day of 10th Grade, teacher wrote, “Welcome to Drama 101.” Many students left the classroom siting derogatory comments about acting, but Mrs. Orhay convinced Mark and other boys to stay. Mark tried out for the school play and was cast as the lead in, “Tony’s Decision” written by one of the teachers. It was the standing ovation that did it.


Mark moved from The Bronx, NY to Front Royal, Virginia where he continued his love for theater and learn much by Mrs. Gena Looney, who arranged an audition for a TV movie that was schedule to shoot a scene nearby. Mark got the part of Jeb and played opposite Alan Arkin in, “A Matter of Principle,” a Hallmark Hall of Fame production. Mark auditioned for was accepted into the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and headed back to NYC in the early 80’s.


Mark was the lead actor in several short films in the late 80’s and early nineties including, Occupational Hazard, Billy Turner’s Secret, and Rebecca’s Bed. As well as his first starring role in a full-length indie feature, Walls & Bridges. He would go on to do several commercials and staged productions in NYC before moving to Los Angeles in the early 90’s.


Los Angeles in the early 90’s was the best and the worst of times, as an actor Mark worked on Silent Bomb directed by Kim Fields, Tales from The Crypt, directed by Ernest Dickerson, and Drop Squad, directed by David Johnson. Mark also costarred in a TV pilot, Trail by Jury and an episode of Martin with Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell and Tashina Arnold, and starred a Peterson in A Soldiers Play, directed by Chip Hurd (Fields at that time). With all of this going on, Mark really thought he was headed for stardom, instead his life crashed and burned, he fell into addictive habits with drugs, alcohol, pornography and sexual promiscuity.