“The Roads to Racial Reconciliation Meet at the Cross\”

Log Line

“Yet forty days and America will be overthrown.” A pastor receives and delivers this message via a video that goes viral; America responds and discovers that the roads to racial reconciliation meet at the cross.


2020 has proven to be one of the most challenging years in global history. COVID-19 followed by racial injustice protests and riots during a heated election year have exposed the disunity of the United States of America. This timely, heart wrenching film challenges Christians to face issues that divide them theologically, racially, denominationally, politically and in regard to gender.

America is a divided and wounded nation. …if My people… rips off the bandage, exposes past and present wounds, ultimately placing America in loving arms of Jesus Christ!

In a dream, God speaks to Pastor Lev (Anthony Shaw-Vaughan), and shows him America as God Himself sees it and says, “yet forty days and America will be overthrown.” Pastor Lev shares his dream, actually a vision from God, in a video that goes viral. Christians, non-Christians, and protestors converge on the small town of Stephens City, Virginia. Some to voice their indignation and others to fast and pray for forty days.